DESIGN AnnaSofia Mååg & Niklas Byman PHOTO Asaf Kliger

“CLEAR WATER deals with the survival of the fittest, the next generation, the balance of life and death, and the pure water we all depend on”. On a sharp rectangular block, lionesses with their cubs cautiously crouch down, drinking from the nourishing water. In front of the pride, the towering lion. A Biblical allusion, the male embodies the border between good and evil, while the drinking dectet alludes to a much-celebrated art piece. Find the hidden symbolism behind CLEAR WATER by Mååg and Byman. An ode to the lioness, drinking water and a very famous painting, it acknowledges some of the most universal and primitive topics.
ICEHOTEL #30 / 2019 / CLEAR WATER / Niklas Byman / AnnaSofia Mååg
Niklas Byman & AnnaSofia Mååg / Photo Asaf Kliger
Maquette (scaling 1:10) for the big male…