The Cry

Ice sculpture for the Ice Festival in Uppsala, Sweden, 2013. Hight 2 meters.

I once saw a little porcelain sculpture of a polar bear. The figure was sitting like a person, screaming like a person. In other words – it was a big cry out loud.

It got me.

The polar bear has fascinated me for some years now. I discovered I am not alone in this fascination… Hence, I should perhaps have left the topic of polar bears to avoid banalities, but I am not that kind of an artist. I simply cannot help myself: When planning a sculpture I have to feel the passion for it, to feel it in my guts. The most common question I get from my audience whatever animal I choose for the moment is ‘why this creature?’. My reply is a shrug and my intention so obvious it doesn’t need further explanation. It just has to be made! So the rational sees itself defeated by the passion…