Icy times

Icy times – a journey into craters, jig holes and other essentials

This theme origins from my master program in ceramics at the university 2000/2001. In the beginning of this project I choose between two topics: a plentiful approach to earthenware or the simple plate. My project became to deal with the latter.

The plate immediately became so much more than a plate: It turned out that it just was an outer frame in the shape of a circle. The more I cleared away, the greater that inner universe became and within the circle my fantasy could bloom…

At this time in my life I was fortunate to make winter journeys into the vast mountain world in northwest of Sweden, Laponia. I could likely have visited the moon, because that is how strong my experience of these landscapes were. In the beginning of my project I wrote: My longing for the bare landscape is strong, within the circle exists what is of importance.

Icy times consists of several individual sculptural plates. Average size about 40 centimeters in diameter. I have played with the shapes and how to glaze them. I have combined glazes that traditionally shouldn’t be mixed: low fired and high fired. Sometimes it turned out great, other times not so great. The circular shape makes every piece eternal as a small universe.

No beginning, no ending. Still here.