Pick your mustache! / Art deluxe suite / Icehotel 365 / 2017

In associaton with artist Sofi Ruotsalainen

What has a cactus to do with ice? Above all, where do the mustaches come from??
Cactuses, or Cactaceae, are succulent plants which are especially skilled in storing water. They are usually difficult to access since they grow in hostile terrain. Mustache is facial hair on upper lip. Different styles have been in fashion during different periods of time, in different groups and on different locations. In some way the cactus and mustache deserve a meeting and it happens right here – at icehotel, the international meeting point by the river. Where the cactus collects water in a terrain and climate that are somewhat hard for humans. Where the immediate survival is optional. The mustache on the other hand, symbolizes one of mankind’s more shallow behavior, one that only emerges when one does something more than just survive. So please enter and climb into the surreal cactus and let it embrace you in your sleep. The mustache can wait, tomorrow is another day…

ICEHOTEL 365 is a permanent structure and includes luxury suites, each with private relax and bathroom, and art suites, all sculptured by selected artists. As well as a large ice bar that serves champagne, and an ice gallery. This ice experience can be visited year-round and is cooled by solar panels during the summer months.