Elephant in the room / Art Suite / Icehotel / 2016

A life size 3 metres tall African savan elephant hand carved out of snow and ice in an Art Suite for Icehotel #26, winter season 2015/16

At some point we all face an issue or situation that is commonly called ‘the elephant in the room’: an obvious truth that is either being ignored or not addressed. The elephant situation is adaptable on so many topics in our present world: from a large global scale down to a more personal one. To choose not see the obvious truth can turn into a hard lesson. So, do you have any elephant in your room? Open your eyes, what do they tell you? To look at something is not the same as to actually see something. But it is a good start.

So let us start with that elephant…

Wheelbarrows of snow out: 210
Wheelbarrows of fresh snow in: 30
Snow block: 30 cubic meters or 21 ton
Ice wall: 140 blocks of ice or 2 ton
Tusks: hand carved ice 10 kg each