Art work in Italian mosaics for the Ladie’s restroom in the public swimming pool Pontusbadet in Luleå, Sweden, 2008. Commissioned by the municipal of Luleå. Size: 2 x 2 meters

Water like a mirror, a thin film between her and an alien world. Toes first, then the whole foot… How does it feel? A ring of cold slowly embeds her legs as she steps further out. Slowly her skin adjusts to the new element. Knees are still dry but not for long. Soon her fingertips touch the calm surface which echoes with a growing ring around her. Right here she stops for a moment to gather courage. With her legs in the water and her head still in reality she is dreaming of her first stroke in the calmness which will carry her on…

The Swedish artist and portrait painter Anders Zorn (1860-1920) with his famous nude paintings and vivid depictions of water is the inspiration to this mosaic. His paintings were about the short moment, a frozen time, with vivid and fertile women stepping out in a beautiful nature. A Zorn-woman tells us about a past time and a real woman; who was she? Doppet is a chronicle anchored in durable mosaic. Who knows what is dug out of the ruins in the 3000’s?